Guidelines Made Accessible

Most organizations establish a set of well-thought-out guidelines and policies to mitigate risk. This policy is written down in large documents that take a long time to read. Half the time, people don’t even know they exist, where to get them, or how to find what they’re looking for. This makes your policy ineffective. Our policy solution allows you to send your policy to your colleagues in an easy to navigate and searchable solution. Make it easy for them to find the latest guidelines on what they’re looking for, on any device.


Millennials do not read full policies


Policies are not accessible


Guidelines take too long to find


Policies used are outdated versions

Our policy solution

Provide guidance to people

Assist your colleagues in dealing with sensitive information, systems and risky situations. Help people make informed decisions that minimize risks to your organization.

Keep information up to date

Update policies as needed. Our policy viewer always shows the current, up-to-date information to your employees. Never bother to distribute new versions and locate old documents in email or stored in local folders.

Available anywhere and any time

Make your policies and guidelines available to all employees, wherever they are, when they need them. Our policy viewer can be used by office workers as well as field workers and even when traveling. All you need is an internet connection.

Improve accountability

Our policy viewer makes it easy to find the information you need. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on long documents to find what you are looking for. There are more excuses, people can look up important guidelines when needed.

What makes our solution different?

Our policy solution is used by small and large organizations to train employees. Our customers include government organizations, education and schools, manufacturing and distribution, finance and insurance. Some of the features they appreciate most are listed below.

Available on any device

Take your policies and guidelines with you! Our policy viewer can be used on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Always up to date

The policy viewer always shows you the latest information, as soon as it is published.


Translate your policies in as many languages as you like. Users can switch between languages with a simple click.

Easy navigation

Our policy viewer allows you to quickly navigate through your policies. All policies are organized in a tree structure.


Use a full text search to find policies that cover a topic. You no longer have to go through the entire document to find what you are looking for.


For licensed organizations, we have templates available for policies issued by ISO and governments.

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Provide guidance to employees on how to deal with information in a secure way, Make your policies and guidelines accessible and searchable.

    Frequently asked

    Without policies to guide your employees, people will usually make their own decisions, which is fine in most cases. But when actions introduce risk or liability, you want to provide guidelines for minimizing risky behavior. For example, you should inform your colleagues about how to handle sensitive information, how to act in the event of a security incident or data breach, and so on.

    When your policies are prepared by specialists, they are usually difficult to understand by colleagues with different expertise. We recommend that you reformulate your policy in texts that are easy to understand for a wider audience. Remove as many technical terms as possible. Keep each section short and use sentences that are relevant. Write down what people should do in clear and concise terms, and where they can get help or guidance if they are unsure. Add important keywords to make the search effective. And last but not least, use our hierarchy editor to organize all controls and statements in a logical structure that is easy to understand.

    When you edit a policy and save your changes, the changes are immediately visible to your colleagues. We understand that you will want to create or update a full policy before making it available. When you create a new policy, it won’t be visible to your users until you check a box.

    Your policies never leave Awareness Platform unless you export them. Employees can easily view the policy in a browser. There are no documents to keep track of.

    Yes. You can export any policy to a PDF formatted document. This is useful if you need to send it to a third party such as an auditor.