Professional Awareness Training

We know your employees have busy schedules and feel that awareness is not their top priority. This is why our elearning courses are divided in modules that take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Our quality content is based on real-world risks and has been produced using business animations and professional voice actors.


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Our elearning solution

Specialized platform

Awareness Platform has been developed and fine-tuned to allow you to establish and improve privacy and security awareness amongst your colleagues. We provide you with the functionality as well as the content to get you started!

Configurable courses

While most awareness training topics are similar across organizations, the devil is in the details. We allow you to tailor our training to your organizations policies and target audiences with a couple of clicks.

Professional business animations

Our courses use professional business animations to explain privacy and security awareness topics. These animations turn your policies into knowledge for your colleagues. They are fit for employees at every level of your organization.

Easy progress monitoring

Use our easy to use dashboards to keep track of your students’ progress. View statistics for your organization, groups or individual users (depending on your configuration). Select filters and send custom email messages to people that do not meet your planning.

What makes our elearning different?

Our elearning courses are used by small and large organizations to train employees. Our customers include organizations in government, education and schools, production and distribution, finance and insurance, and more. Some of the features they appreciate most are listed below.

Quality content

Our courses consist of business animations that have been professionally produced.


Let the animations in our courses reflect your organization specific policies with a couple of clicks.

Advanced planning

Plan courses with our advanced scheduler. Trickle content to engage your employees for a longer period.

Easy dashboards

Watch your users progress through the courses individually or as a group. Delegate access to progress dashboards to managers.

Compact and efficient

Each course module covers a single topic and takes no more than 5 minutes for students to complete.

Mobile ready

Follow our elearning courses on any device. Compatible with most browsers and nothing to install.

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Train your users with our proven and configurable business animations.

    Frequently asked

    Each course is made up of a number of modules. A module covers a single topic in a video of no more than 5 minutes. Depending on the number of modules you enable in a course, the full course may take anywhere between 5 minutes for a single topic and 100 minutes for our most extensive course with all modules enabled. You should expect to spend about 2 minutes for a quiz.

    Each elearning contains choices that can be configured with a couple of mouse clicks to fit your policies. As an example, you can have the videos talk about destroying physical documents with a shredder, by placing them in a specialized locked container or throwing them into regular trash bins. The quizzes and exams will automatically include the proper questions. You may also add custom text next to each video. You can for example include contact details of your security and privacy officers or links to your intranet.

    You can create unlimited variations of the courses for which you have a license. Create separate variations for different audiences. Select which modules you want to include in the course, and change their order to suit your needs.

    Use our advanced planner to deliver your courses according to the schedule that fits your needs. Make all modules for a course available at once, or according to a daily, weekly or complex schedule. Optionally have students follow the modules in a predefined order. Alternatively, let each student follow a personal schedule.

    You can configure optional quizzes and exams for each course. Enable quizzes to test if students have learned the key points of each module. Set up exams at the end of a course to test knowledge based on a random selection of topics. Specify the number of questions and answers, the number of extra questions when students provide incorrect answers, and the minimum score to pass the exam.

    To make sure that employees do not copy answers from colleagues, all questions and answers for quizzes and exams are randomized. The questions and answers are selected from a large pool and the order on the quizzes and exams is randomized too. When a course module has a configurable option that reflects your policies, we make sure that we always include a related question that tests the student knowledge.

    When you set up a course you can enable automatic notifications to students. Whenever a new module becomes available, every enrolled student receives an email. The email contains a direct link to the new module. Alternatively, you could opt to inform your colleagues yourself, for instance in your organizations newsletter or company intranet.

    You can choose to provide certificates to students when the completed course or optional exam. The certificate is made available on Awareness Platform in Adobe Pdf format.