Awareness Platform started as a spin-off from a security and privacy consulting company in the Netherlands. Many of the customers wanted to set up an awareness program themselves, but needed professional content and tools to get the level of quality they needed. We decided to fulfill this customers’ need by creating a high quality and affordable solution: Awareness Platform.

Our company is based in the Netherlands. The services we provide are all geared towards the European market, making Awareness Platform the first choice for European organizations.

Even though Awareness Platform offers the online tools you need to run campaigns, we recommend that you incorporate our solutions into a broader awareness program. This program could include physical workshops, presentations, mystery man visits, posters, articles on intranet and so on. A well thought-out program enhances the effectivity of our solutions. You can set up such a program by yourself, ask one of our partners to assist you, or have a partner manage the program for you using Awareness Platform.