Awareness Platform helps organizations to reduce risk by training employees

Trained people are your best defense

Awareness Platform enables you to train employees in safe behavior in a cost-effective way. We offer the tools to educate your colleagues on risks that come from handling sensitive information, such as financial or medical data, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) or Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Using Awareness Platform is easy and you can start a successful campaign in minutes. Alternatively, get one of our partners to run the campaign for you and extend our solutions with on-site activities such as live workshops and mystery man visits.

What can you do with our platform

Reduce risky behavior

Combine our solutions to provide knowledge and reduce risky behavior by your employees.

Limit access to user data

Assign employees to groups and restrict access to their data. Assign groups automatically with rules.

Prove compliance

Show compliance to the awareness training requirements in your privacy and security policies.

Educate employees

Train employees with our easy to understand predefined courses on security and privacy.

Secure log-in

Use Microsoft Office 365 login with our platform. Or use our own secure login with multifactor authentication.

Multiple languages

Awareness Platform supports multiple languages. Use unlimited languages for phishing campaigns.

Our solutions


Educate employees on cyber security and privacy risks. Explain which behavior is safe and complies with your organization’s policies.


Train employees in recognizing the most important attack vector by running phishing simulations that are based on real-world scenarios.


Keep your employees informed on your policies for handling information safely. Make your guidelines accessible to everyone.

What makes us different

Awareness Platform provides the tools you need to run an effective awareness campaign.

Don’t waste your time creating your own awareness content. We made it easy for you! Configure our predefined content and start your awareness campaign today. Use our advanced planner, monitor progress through our dashboards and send users reminders automatically. Have your colleagues log in using their existing Microsoft Office 365 accounts, use a dedicated sub-domain and create a theme to match your branding. We built our platform using Security by Design and Privacy by Design principles, and Awareness Platform fully complies to the GDPR.

Easy to use and ready to go

With Awareness Platform you will be up and running in minutes with our ready-to-use content and intuitive portal.

High quality content

Our content is fun and easy to understand. It is based on real-world attacks identified by security and privacy experts.

Highly customizable

Use your organizations look and feel, get a dedicated subdomain for your users and more.

Excellent support

We want you to be happy about our service and recommend us to your friends. Quick responsive support.

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